Most LGBT Friendly Countries in the World


Gallup Polling did some surveys recently to determine which countries were the most LGBT friendly in the world.  The results may surprise you.

The Netherlands and Spain tied for the most gay-friendly country in the world.  Followed very closely behind was Canada, then Belgium and Norway.

While all these countries may seem typical, there were some surprises on the list.  Uruguay, for example, ranked as the 7th most gay-friendly country in the world.

Luxembourg, Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Denmark also made appearances on the list.  Noticeably outside the top 10, was the United States of America.

Worldwide, 780 million people now live in a country where gay civil union is now legal, and this marks massive progress since even 10 years ago.  However, much work is still to be done.  2.8 billion people still reside in places where being gay remains illegal.