Patent Resources for Canadians in Edmonton, Alberta

**Please note this post was made in response to an email from one of our readers about legal resources in Edmonton.**

Edmonton Patent Resources and Lawyers

If you are a Canadian in Edmonton, Alberta, you may be looking to file a patent at some point in time in order to protect your ideas.  If so, you will have to find the appropriate resources to do that.

Why Do You Need to File Patents?

This is the primary concern that people have when they ponder on whether they should file for a a patent or not.  The alternative is to simply keep something a “secret” and hope nothing happens.  So what are the benefits  to filing for a patent?

Keeping something a secret is actually a surprisingly common strategy.  Coca-Cola employs the strategy to this day with their secret recipe.  However, it isn’t for everyone.  It’s advantages include lower cost, much easier, and you don’t have to disclose anything (in fact, you pretty much can’t or it defeats the purpose of a trade secret).

However, if someone were to independently come up with the same idea then they would have equal rights to it, even if you came up with it first.  If they chose to disclose the idea publicly, then they have full rights to do that.  This could completely devalue your idea, and this is where patents come in.

Patents allow you to have certain legal rights and protections over your idea, and establish firm ownership of it.

Edmonton Patent Lawyer Reccomendations

If you are thinking about filing for a Canadian patent, it isn’t a process to be taken lightly.  As you can see, the patent application process is not a simple or brief undertaking.  It is a very complex and rigorous process, so getting a professional to assist you is advised.  Here is our recommendation for finding the best patent lawyer:

Patent Lawyers Edmonton